About our brewery

A quick overview of the history of beer brewing in Bruntál

The first mention of brewing in Bruntál comes from the 13th century, when city with the oldest deed of foundation of the Czech lands was given the right to brew beer. At that time there were 109 legal brewing houses.

The Lord Brewery was established in Bruntál in the years 1556-1557 by Jan SR. from Vrbno. Another brewery was founded by the Teutonic Orderin 1653, but its modernization came long after, in 1911 by Archduke Eugen of Austria.

After the Second World War, the brewery was merged with a distillery and in 1955 it was closed down.

About our brewery, year 2015

The Hasič Brewery is one of the few regional breweries that specialize in manufacturing home-made beer.

It is located in the popular tourist area of Jeseníky Mountains, in the city of Bruntál, in a former textile factory. The home-made beer and also special beers are brewed using a local malt house and then distributed to a wide network of restaurants.

The brewery also operates a newly renovated beer bar and a showroom, that specializes on product presentation with examples of our beer production.







We look forward to your visit. Your Hasič brewery.

About the brewer

The head brewer in our Bruntál Brewery is Maxim Hentek.

After studying brewing in Prague HSE university in Podskalská Street, he worked for several years in the field near Prague.

After that he decided to become independent and to accept our offer to be the head brewer in the Hasič Brewery.

In his own words: :

“This offer made me excited because I wanted to brew an honest beer from natural raw materials. Here I met people that have the same goal, which is for me a great challenge and a commitment at the same time.

This brewery is very specific with its direct connection to the bar. Because what could be more rewarding for the brewer and his work that to see directly from the brewery how the customers enjoy his beer.„.

We believe that soon we'll be able to surprise you with some new strong special, a beer from a new recipe, or in other ways new and unusual experience. It all depends on the customer demand. Our micro-brewery had no ambitions to disproportionately expand its production or compete in extra-regional markets at the expense of the quality – ie. by saving at the expense of the raw materials' quality, accelerating the process of fermentation and maturation, extending the shelf life, and so on. We reject any substitutes and savings at the expense of the costumer himself, who we want to elevate to the status of a proud beer "connoisseur"...