Beer Brewing

The Bruntál brewery is equipped with modern technology for beer brewing the traditional way. Compared to the industrial Euro-breweries, our microbrewery is mostly distinct by the quality and adherence to old recipes for beer.

We use the conventional technology of an open fermenting cellar and lager tanks controlled by a computer. We do not pasteurize, nor filter our beer.

We also use natural malt and hops, and thanks to the original recipe, our beer has a unique and unmistakable flavour..

Thanks to technology controlled by a computer, we try to make each batch of the same quality, but at the same time original on its own. However, they still can be different, because, as every good beer connoisseur knows, even the slightest change in the quality of hops or malt may have an impact on the final taste.

„The Bruntal Hasiš Brewery team wishes good health and enjoyment of our beer to all the connoisseurs and all the cultured people.“

We use Czech malt, which is of very high quality. The specific malt type and quantity must be precise, its taste should be noticeable in the finished beer, and the consumer should recognize it while tasting. We use malt from Bruntál malt-house without the use of any substitutes or additions.

The hops give beer its typical bitter taste, it contributes to the formation of the characteristic aroma and it also has other important technological property. In our brewery, hops are used not only from Žatec, but also from a special foreign beer that makes it unique. We do not use any nameless extracts.

When pitching the yeast, we are blending the yeast culture of the top and bottom fermentation into the entire beer content that was cooled beforehand at 8-11°C or 18-20°C.
The yeast in our brewery is fermented in the traditional fermenting cellar and after 7 to 10 days of fermenting, the fermented beer is drafted into lager tanks. We do not accelerate the production in any way and we try to closely follow the techniques of our ancestors, which we believe had something to them.

Final fermentation
In the Bruntál Brewery, we use stainless steel lager tanks, where the beer ripens into perfection at the temperature of 7° C, and it is slowly saturated by soft natural carbon dioxide. Given the number of tanks at our disposal, we don't have to shorten the time of our beer's maturation, not even in the hottest summer days, when the demand for our products is extremely high. 

Beer brewing
The brewing of one batch takes 8-10 hours in the Bruntál Brewery and it consists of:

grinding - grinding of the malt grains to get the so-called glumes (grain husks) and disrupt the grain kernel for better technological features.
mixing - the process of mixing malt with water at water temperature of 37° C. After mixing is finished, a thick porridge called mash is created.


mashing – a procedure, in which simple fermentable sugars are created with the help of enzymes. In our brewery, the most common used manufacturing process is the double mash process that consists of heating the mash at 52° C, after which about 1/3 volume of the mash is separated and the rest is heated to 62° C, again 1/3 of volume is separated and the rest is heated to 72° C, after which it boils for a short period of time.


lautering – a process, in which the wort is separated from the draff, usually consists of two phases. First is the so called recirculation, which is the strongest part, and later the draft is rinsed through hot water, which is called straining.
wort - the wort is created after straining. Adding hops and then cooking for 90 minutes, the stainless hop bitter substances are released into the wort.